pijul key

Manage SSH and signing keys


pijul key [subcommand]




When called with gen it will generate both SSH and signing keys. When called with upload <address>, will upload the signing public key to a key server.


Generate and upload a signing key to to the nest user me.

pijul key gen --signing-id me@example.com
pijul key upload me@nest.pijul.com

Generate Options

  • -h, --help Prints help information

  • --local

    Save the keys to the local repository instead of your home directory. This might be useful for managing several identities, but having several key pairs scattered around your folders is usually not a good idea.

    Make sure to know what you are doing when using this option.

  • --signing-id <email address>

    Generate a signing key for the given email address. Omitting this argument generates an SSH key instead of a signing key.

  • -V, --version

    Prints version information

  • --for-repository <repository>

    Don't run this command in the current directory, run it in <repository> instead. This can be used to save local keys.

Upload Options

  • -p, --port

    The port of the remote SSH server when using --upload-to. If not specified, this defaults to 22 (the standard SSH port).

  • --repository <repository>

Pull the key from <repository> instead of the current(CWD) one.

<address> normally me@nest.pijul.com where me is your login name to the nest.