Contributing to a project

Because of the patch-based nature of Pijul, contribution just means sending a patch to a repository. This contrasts with snapshot-based systems, where two versions have to be present at the same time on the same machine to run heuristics to compare and merge them.

In practice, contributing to a project on the Nest is as simple as opening a new discussion (using the web interface), and pushing to that discussion. For instance, pushing a patch to discussion 29 of repository pijul_org/pijul can be done using:

pijul push --to-branch :29

If this is the first time someone pushes a patch to discussion 29, this forks branch "master" of repository pijul_org/pijul, and pushes the patches from the local branch onto it.

To start the discussion from another branch, --to-branch other-branch:29 can be used instead.