pijul pull

Pulls changes from a remote upstream


    pijul pull [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [FROM] [-- <CHANGES>...]



Pull from this remote


Pull changes from the local repository, not necessarily from a channel


-a, --all

Pull all changes

-f, --force-cache

Force an update of the local remote cache. May effect some reporting of unrecords/concurrent changes in the remote


Download full changes, even when not necessary

-h, --help

Print help information


Do not check certificates (HTTPS remotes only, this option might be dangerous)

-V, --version

Print version information


--from-channel <FROM_CHANNEL>

        Pull from this remote channel

--path <PATH>...

        Only pull to these paths

--repository <REPO_PATH>

        Set the repository where this command should run. Defaults to the first ancestor of the
        current directory that contains a `.pijul` directory

--to-channel <TO_CHANNEL>

        Pull into this channel instead of the current channel