pijul log

Show the entire log of changes


    pijul log [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [-- <FILTERS>...]



Filter log output, showing only log entries that touched the specified files. Accepted as a list of paths relative to your current directory. Currently, filters can only be applied when logging the channel that’s in use



Include full change description in the output

-h, --help

Print help information


Only show the change hashes


Include state identifiers in the output

-V, --version

Print version information


--channel <CHANNEL>

        Show logs for this channel instead of the current channel

--limit <LIMIT>

        Output at most this many changes

--offset <OFFSET>

        Start after this many changes

--output-format <OUTPUT_FORMAT>

--repository <REPO_PATH>

        Set the repository where this command should run. Defaults to the first ancestor of the
        current directory that contains a `.pijul` directory