* Introduction
These licenses and projects have stronger restrictions regarding privative
for-profit usage but still give _individuals_ the 4-freedoms of Free Software.
The licenses may restrict by entity type (Anticapitalist License / CoopyLeft) or
have stronger contribution requirements than Aferro GPL. (Parity Public License)
This is not legal advice, just a bunch of pointers/summaries.
* Licenses
** [[https://anticapitalist.software/][Anti-Capitalist Software License]]
** [[https://lynnesbian.space/csl/][Cooperative Software License]]
** [[https://wiki.coopcycle.org/en:license][Coopyleft License]]
** [[https://fair.io/][Fair Source License]]
** [[https://paritylicense.com/][Parity Public License]]
* Projects
** [[https://github.com/agreements-network/blackstone][Blackstone]]
Smart contracts and high level API powering the Agreements Network.
- *License*: Parity Public License
- *Stack*: Solidity, TypeScript
** [[https://comrad.app/][Comrad]]
A socialist network: encrypted, insurveillable, unmontizeable, and
- *License*: Anti-Capitalist Software License
- *Stack*: Python
** [[https://github.com/coopcycle][CoopCycle]]
Logistics & marketplace platform. Only for worker-owned business.
- *License*: Coopyleft License
- *Stack*: JavaScript, PHP
** [[https://github.com/peermaps/eyros][Eyros]]
Multi-dimensional spatial database.
- *License*: Parity Public License
- *Stack*: JavaScript, Rust
** [[https://gitlab.com/cal-coop/netfarm/netfarm][Netfarm]]
a[n attempt at creating a] replicated object system.
- *License*: Cooperative Software License
- *Stack*: Common Lisp
** [[https://github.com/breadsystems/rtc-care-schedule][RTC Care Schedule]]
Calendar and scheduling system for the Radical Telehealth Collective.
- *License*: Anti-Capitalist Software License
- *Stack*: Clojure
** [[https://togethernet.cargo.site/][Togethernet]]
Open-source communication software designed around the ethos of transparency and
- *License*: Anti-Capitalist Software License
- *Stack*: Node.js
* Articles
** Freedom isn't Free (Wendy Liu, Logic Mag, 2018)
** Original Sin of Free Software, The (Daniel Goldsmith, 2019)
** Post-Open Source (Melody Horn, 2020)
** Software and Anarchy (Gnuxie Lulamoon and Hayley Patton, Cooperative of Applied Language, Draft)
** Telekommunist Manifesto, The (Dmytri Kleiner, Institute of Network Cultures, 2010)