• Pijul 0.4, Improvements and breaking changes

    Today, we released a new version of Pijul. Still alpha, but lots of updates. Also, still GPL2+ (as in version 0.3, but unlike before).

  • News of Sanakirja

    We’ll release a usable version of Pijul later today. Pijul itself is in an alpha stage, but is based on a number of other things we’ve needed to write, among which a key-value store known as Sanakirja.

  • Pijul 0.3, our first bootstrapped release! Featuring

    The pijul team is proud and happy to announce the first bootstrapped release of pijul, and of the Nest, a hosting service for pijul repositories.

  • First usable Pijul

    After several months of silence, I’m pleased to announce that we are starting to test the first usable version of Pijul.

  • RFC Reading season, now OpenPGP

    I just completed the first pass of yet another IETF format crate.

  • The design of Thrussh

    I’ve recently written an SSH library called Thrussh, and I’ve also started to use it for actual tasks like replacing the SCP client in Pijul.

  • Project report

    I’ve not written anything in some time already, so I’ll use this post to give an update of what has been going on in Pijul lately.

  • Sprint started!

    I’m blogging live from the first Pijul sprint, at the Aalto Design Factory in Helsinki. Feel free to stop by and say hello if you’re around!

  • Reorganizing libpijul

    Now that Sanakirja is in a usable state, the main operation before we can start to use Pijul for other purposes than tests is to plug Sanakirja in. This post describes our strategy for doing this, and the difficulties we’ve had.

  • Sprint+Meetup

    We’re happy to announce the first joint sprint with the darcs team, which will take place on May 6th, 7th and 8th in Helsinki, Finland. If you’re interested in using and/or learning Rust and Haskell, come hack with us!

  • Sanakirja 0.2

    I just finished Sanakirja 0.2, available from our darcs repository, and soon on

  • Functional semantics in Sanakirja

    I announced Sanakirja, our new database backend, on reddit and twitter, but so far I had not had the time to blog about it. This post explains some of the ideas behind this new crate.

  • Thoughts on branches

    Since our release of Pijul 0.2, I’ve been working mostly on the biggest feature of Pijul 0.3: branches. In this post, I try to explain the current plan.

  • Pijul 0.2

    We’re proud to announce the second public release of Pijul, a new version control system aiming to be easy to learn and use, distributed, and fast.

  • New blog

    We’ve wanted this for some time already: a fancier website than our prototype’s wiki. Done, thanks to Jekyll.

  • Bindings to libssh

    Rust already has great bindings to libssh2. However, libssh2 does not work in all situations, for instance it does not parse ~/.ssh/config automatically, nor does it handle ProxyCommand directives alone.

  • XKCD and Git


  • Learning Scala

    Here is my experience at learning Scala from scratch, to help the Aalto students with an alternative implementation of Pijul.

  • Spontaneous advertisement from the darcs team

    Spontaneous advertisement from the darcs team, even before we have a version or a website with more than one page. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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