Saturday, April 2, 2016
By Pierre-√Čtienne Meunier

We’re happy to announce the first joint sprint with the darcs team, which will take place on May 6th, 7th and 8th in Helsinki, Finland. If you’re interested in using and/or learning Rust and Haskell, come hack with us!


Where and when

For this first joint sprint+meetup, we’ll be hosted by Aalto University’s Design Factory, on the Otaniemi campus (close to Helsinki, Finland).

(Picture courtesy of Aalto University)

Rust and Haskell?

Rust and Haskell are two great languages that both allow programmers to focus more on algorithms and less on memory management and security. In particular, both of them would have easily avoided even the biggest security problems of recent years, such as the heartbleed bug or the recent glibc exploit.

And they both produce fast, parallel code.

Darcs and Pijul

Sharing key people of their development team, Darcs and Pijul have been brothers since Pijul’s first lines of code. We know the standard way of collaborating has become forking in recent years, but we are confident enough in our workflows that, following Aalto University philosophy, we are trying something different: merging.

Practical details

We can book rooms on campus. During the three days of this event, we will be in the Engine Room of the Aalto Design Factory, from 9am to about 6pm. If you are in Helsinki, feel free to come and chat any time.